HydrauliC Oil Fine Filtration

Protect your investment, exploitation safety and The environment +++ Save Money!

Natural material for oil fine filtration in a high end aluminum filter body makes a big difference for your exploitation of any industrial machine using oil for its working process or lubrication. This FineFilter or oil fine filtration system based on the FineFilter insure that your machine is always running with the best possible oil quality.


There is a very broad range of applications we have served during more than a decade’s work with maximum dedication to our clients and their needs. The prolonged mean time between failure,  reduced down time, the savings on oil and maintainance time also regularly provides a fast return on investment for our fine filter systems.


In addition to the standard filters of your hydraulic system our FineFilters and FineFilter based filtration systems insure a reliable fine filtrations down to particle sizes around 1µm. During the initial oil cleansing phase fine filtration leads to a tremendous reduction of particles that would otherwise cause system wear during exploitation. And it will keep the number of abrasive particles low and also remove other impurities during the ongoing maintainance phase of the filtration.


This results in the following advantages for your company:

  • Less wear and down time for the entire hydraulic system effecting all components. The bigger the intake of impurities throughout the operation of the system would be (due to environmental conditions) the more important and effective fine filtration proves to be helpful. Sometimes even avoiding one down time of the hydraulic system can return the investment oder a significant part of the investment for our additional fine filtration device.
  • Proven oil quality. By doing an oil analysis BEFORE the installation of the fine filtration system and a second oil analysis AFTER the INITIAL CLEANING PHASE (after about one month) plus through periodical analysis for example every half year or every year you get a clearly profound image of the oil quality in your hydraulic system. You know if the oil can still be used, you know that with clean oil you get the best possible exploitation safety and by observing the periodical oil analysis you can observe if the change interval of the filter cartridges is sufficient. Sometimes if an oil analysis is much worse than the one before it can also indicate that there is something wrong with the hydraulic system (for example seals need to be changed or a component is defective). This can help to search for a problem and avoid greater damage. As a result oil filtration and analysis lead to further...

  • Savings and ecological value: High grade and specially biologically degradable hydraulic oils are very expensive. If you have bigger oil volumes changing the oil can be quite an investment. So if the chemical parameters are OK and fine filtration insures an optimal purification and extraction of water contents you can save on these costs as well. And together we double the environmental benefit: No oil waste and no fresh oil required when fine filtration manages to maintain the oil quality at its best.

Filters and Filtration devices

Single FineFilters, stationary portable and mobile filtration devices

OUR Top sellers

most clients prefer the following models

FineFilter FF-28999

Oil Fine Filter Body with Cartridge

Best filtration results for most oil filtration requirements

If you can integrate fine filtration by installing filter bodies to your hydraulic system or other device with oil circuit, you can purchase FineFilter Bodies with a set of appropriate FineFilter Cartridges and installation material. You receive reliable components with a long life span and our technical department shall be glad to assist with any questions you might have regarding installation and exploitation.

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538,00 EUR

Oil filtration device SFF-2-M

Stationary oil fine filtration device

Ready to mount for your hydraulic oil tank

You use a hydraulic system with an oil volume from about 50 to 400 litres and you want to make sure that filtration and highest purity level of the oil is being insured completely indepentently with no interference with the hydraulic system?

This fine filtration device does exactly that: Purify to the highest possible level depending on the impurity intake of the hydraulic system. Send your parameters of your system with possible questions and...

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2980,00 EUR

Oil filtration device PFF-2-M-PRE

Portable oil fine filtration device

Ready for purification and filling purposes

Our best selling portable oil fine filtration device includes a pre-filtration cartridge and two FineFilter bodies with FineFilter cartridges. If you want to purify new oil in a barrel and then fill your hydraulic device at a certain purity level. Or you want to recycle used oil, restore a certain quality level so you can keep using it safely. This portable device provides maximum efficiency and usability for a wide range of purposes and demands. To learn more just contact us and...

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4280,00 EUR