Oil Fine Filter Systems

Industrial applications and references

Application overview:

– Injection moulding machines
– Paper machines
– Steel mills / foundries
– Vacuum pumps
– Machining centres
– Machine tools
– Eroding machines
– Hydropower stations
– Wind power stations
– Hydraulic lifts / elevators
– Hydraulic presses
– Compressors
– Cement plants
– Sewage purification plants
– Shipbuilding
– Turbines
– Gear boxes
– Mining industry and much more


Over 90% of our devices are being configured and produced according to the individual needs of our clients. Use our experience to keep your devices clean and insure a good return on investment.

Let the images speak...


Taking a look at the practical application images you might get the idea that oil fine filtration can be used basicly anywhere when oil is in service.


Wherever hydraulic systems are at work, oil fine filtration provides a valuable contribution to protect investments, increase security, save money and ressources... Request and find out in detail.


If you happy please spread the word, if you are in doubt our have questions please let us know.


Below the images you find laboratory analysis as further reference. Most of the sheets include values of several samples over time.


Thank you wishing you safe and good exploitation for your company and business. Best regards!

Laboratory oil analysis