FineFilter IFN-FF-28999

The high performance oil fine filter

How do you decide if an oil fine filter does a good job?


It needs to be pressure resistant and the cartridge must securely retain particles, impurities and small amounts of water content.


FineFilter fulfils al these requirements with its optimized body and lid construction and its highly precise and stable FineFilter Cartridge from specially treated cellulose fibres.


This product based on natural material is capable of preserving the original oil qualities and sometimes even improving them.


Its most important job is to eliminate abrasive particles down to a size of 1µm insuring that particles causing most system wear will no longer be present in the oil after some time.


Why particle sizes between 1µm and 20µm are most relevant?


In hydraulic systems as well as in engines particles in the range from 5 to 20µm make most of the system wear because they are able to enter between the moving parts and the fixed parts such as piston and cylinder. It's the place or space where movement takes place and best possible lubrication is required.


Bigger particles that at first glance seem to be a bigger threat do not fit into that small space and therefore cannot do any harm. Or even bigger particles are too heavey to even circulate in the system...


So the particles creating a sandpaper effect in the lubricated spaces are the ones creating the most harm and at the same time the ones that FineFilter removes reliably. The particles that remain in the oil are so small that they do no harm but, sometimes even promote lubrication creating a gliding film together with the oil.


For most industrial applications our standard FineFilter IFN-FF28999 has an optimal ratio of oil flow and filtration performance. Therefore in a small hydraulic system with up to 100 litres oil volume usually one FineFilter is sufficient to do the job...


If it can work with the pressure of the hydraulic system or if it requires a seperate pump we can find out with you or for you depending on the specifications of the hydraulic system.


In standard applications the use of FineFilter Cartridges IFN-FFC-28999 is very economic. The first cartridge is included with the FineFilter body. Then after the first cleaning phase of about a month you change a cartridge and then for maintainance phases you usually change the cartridge every 6 months. You should however check the oil quality periodically so you are sure about the condition of the oil and about the condition of your system as well.


In terms of costs for keeping the oil clean many hydraulic systems require less than 100 EUR per year insuring minimum wear and maximum exploitation security.


If you have a bigger hydraulic system the annual investment must be of course higher, however the potential savings make up an even greater leverage effect because bigger systems also require more expensive spare parts and down time is much more costly. Therefore the investment in clean oil is always a good worthwile investment.


So make sure that apart from our product quality you get a very professional installation. If you don't have a reliable installation partner please contact us for installation service.


Send us your requirements so we can send you an appropriate offer.

FineFilter IFN-FF-18999H
IFN-FF-18999H für Hydraulikanwendung mit Einschraubern u. Halterung
FineFilter IFN-FF-18999M
IFN-FF-18999M für Motoranwendung mit Halterung und Anschluss

FineFilter IFN-FF-18999

The performant oil fine filter for small volumes

The FineFilter IFN-FF-18999 is the small brother of the IFN-FF-28999. The Quality of the body and cartridge are at the same level. Just the flow rate and the capacities for impurity and water content retention are obviously smaller.


For all applications with low volumes the small FineFilter does the best job possible.


It is used in industry to clean and maintain small oil volumes and in cars and small trucks to keep the engine oil clean.