your partner for fine filtration and the construction of fine filtration devices

Since 18 years we thrive to help clients clean their oil and to keep it as clean as possible. Since over ten years we focus on oil fine filtration for industrial applications, primarily for hydraulic oils in hydraulic systems. Additionally we often can effectively help cleaning gear oils, turbine oils and process oils in production processes.


In close communication with you we can offer:

  • Analysis of filtration needs and technologies
  • Planning of filtration solutions
  • Consultation
  • Production of filtration devices
  • Installation
  • Service and Oil Analysis


You have to be aware of the fact that in most cases new oil that you get from a new barrel is not clean it terms of what we regard as “clean oil” and best oil quality.


For example the oil classes we can usually reach with our filter systems are ISO 4406: 12/09/06 respectively NAS 1638: 2.


So when we use YOUR OIL to do a sample filtration with particle counter or evaluate a laboratory analysis we are able to give you a reliable feedback either within a couple of minutes (particle count during presentation) or within a couple of days (lab analysis) concerning your present oil quality and the quality you can expect using fine filtration.


If you are satisfied with our work please help to spread the word! Thank you!!!


See our comparison between hydraulic oil first filtered with standard filters and then once more after fine filtration.